Search Engine Optimization

by dinaayad

Okay so you established your business and you created an attractive website for your company, is that enough? Is  well designed graphics for your company’s website is good enough ?

Short answer is No. Recently its no longer enough just to be online, you need people to find your company’s website when they search.

keyword is important to your website

keyword is very important for your SEO

Here where SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization rule starts. SEO basically means using the smart strategies to increase your website’s visibility to search engines and attract more traffic to your website. Lets say for instance you are searching for a website to book a cheap flight from Canada to Japan here, what make some websites pop up prior to others. I.e. What makes Google search engine shows as a first result and as a second one.The first answer, is the right use of keywords . I was looking for cheap flights from Canada to Japan and Flight Network used the phrase Cheap Flights more than once in different places in their website check flight network website, Clearly Flight Network didn’t include this phrase more than once randomly!

So I guess you get the point by now, be relevant and include keywords that you think your customers will type when they would search for your product or services.  Flight Network realized that mostly when people are buying tickets for their flights, they are Not searching for flights using keywords such as discounted flights or the best airplanes or safest flights, but cheap flights.

Actually in some cases, its more complicated than that, you need to plan keywords for your website based on relevancy, volume and competitiveness. If you own small company for instance that is selling boats, be more specific and put longer keywords. Putting just selling boats might not lead more traffic to your website, because many other big companies might sell boats but if you use  this phrase “boats for fishing in fresh water” as keyword, it could help in directing more traffic to your website. Long specific keyword is useful sometimes. Also its important to include the location as well. As many people might be looking for fishing boats in specific location.

The information in this blog about  SEO is very essential at the same time, it is just an introduction. For more information, stay tuned. And add your comment.

Its worth mentioning that most of the information were written based on information from SEO Fundamentals with David Booth,Lynda course.