Social Media Marketing, Santa and Skateboarding

by dinaayad

In this post I will walk you through a case study that shows what smart and big companies are doing to promote their message over social networks like Facebook and how they develop their message.

In summer do you like skateboarding?

what about winter ?

Santa Clause, of course.

Here we are going to study Coca Cola strategy in their marketing campaigns over Facebook. The reason I have chosen Coca cola because there are extremely successful in marketing, positioning their brand and selling their products. Coca Cola has 90,183,323 likes on their Facebook page. So how they are doing it? 

Coca Cola Facebook Fan page

Engagement, of course and interaction, yes again. Coca Cola focused less on direct promotion of the product and more on fans and their stories. They let people feel connected and they have something in common which is, Coca Cola ! as a fan if you feel you are part of a community, you would be more willing to like the pictures of people around the world drinking cocoa cola and you would be more willing to share their stories.

So what skate boarding and Santa have to do with Coca Cola?

Well, Coca Cola has a theme that  goes with the season, when its winter, they make contests and campaigns of Santa and kids. if its summer, they show a picture of  Coca Cola with a question regarding skateboarding. The message they want to convey is “we are here living the moment with you in every season.”

More information about this case study could be found in  AMS magazine in the following article Facebook Case Study: Marketing with Coca-Cola.

I know it’s an effort of years that Coca Cola put into their positioning and marketing.But, it’s always advisable to look at them as role model and follow their tactics in keeping people engaged and interested in a soft drink !

if you like this post or if you have more ideas about Coco Cola marketing campaigns please share it  with us in the comments.