Are you Trendy Or T-Rex ?

by dinaayad


Trendy and T-Rex, what those two nouns have in common ? Beside the fact that both words start with the letter T.

Trendy (noun) means a trendy person, place, object, or idea ( ref1)

T-Rex (noun) is a type of dinosaur that became extinct 65 million year ago. (ref2).

in Today’s very fast digital growing age, keeping up with the newest social media platforms is very hard. Some people are out of date as T-Rex and others are not very Trendy either. However, if you are business owner or marketer you need to be up to date .

Not only for the sake of being up to date,  but also for the sake of growing your business. The rule of standard marketing channels (TV, Newspapers) is not as huge as before (not surprise ! ). Therefore, as a marketer or business owner you need to continually investigate where your potential customers are spending their precious time!


Well, so you can reach those prospects, and market your services and/or products to them. That way, when those prospects want to make a purchase, they will consciously choose your brand over others !

In the crowd of social media platforms I will write today about the rule of  Instagram in business. Instagram has 200 million active users. This number made it a very good platform for business especially if it could be shown visually, ( I can’t recall of any business that couldn’t  be captured by images !)

To make the best use of Instagram, don’t ignore the special rule of hashtags # . when you put images of your products attach all the hashtags that refer to the category of your brand, also attach the hashtag of the location and  your brand hashtag.

Hashtags will attract new followers to your instagram business account. But, there are also another tactic that you could follow to expand your followers further such as posting images during the right time. You can’t  know for sure the best time for more engaged users, until you try and observe. After observing,  post during the time of the day that has more engaged users with your brand images.

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