Less is more in digital media era

by dinaayad

Check my slides  less is more in digital media era

 “more about the less in digital media era”.

 Enjoy those key points about less is more in digital media era

  1. We have been told in marketing if you want to get more you need to do more, you need to give more flyers to get a potential customer. In digital media this is not necessarily true to get more engagement from your customers, you need to do less.
  2. Don’t post  un-relevant posts to your brand on Facebook, don’t use cute memes if its not relevant to your brand.
  3. Create a target profile and then think where do your target market exists ? in which  social media platforms ? only post what is relevant to your brand and what is grab your target market attention.
  4. Always follow a strategy that goes with you positioning statement. (refer to my blog of positioning if you like to learn more about positioning).
  5. Create relationship with your customers. its crucial to listen to your customers and respond positively to them.
  6. Coca cola always pay attention to their marketing strategy they are brilliant in marketing in general and digital marketing as well.